Beginning with the Fall 2022 season, all Fairmont concession stands (the two at Roush Stadium, the stand at Trent Arena and the stand at Fairmont Park) are CASHLESS.


There are countless reasons including that it saves space in our already crowded stands, it saves precious volunteer time, it speeds up transactions and reduces long lines, it provides a contactless point of sale, it helps with rising costs, it stops theft and provides better accountability, and it helps with the nationwide shortage of change. Many venues have already gone cashless, it was the right time for our business.

Do I Need to Send a Debit or Credit Card with my Young Child to a Home Football Game?

Yes, a debit or credit card will work at any stand. There are numerous options to use without a card … Apple Pay (available without charge on all iPhones), Google Pay (available without charge on Android phones), the Cash App, or any card on your phone that you can tap to pay. If none of these options work for your family, you can get a Chime or Venmo card that you can control how much your child spends.

While this may be more inconvenient than cash, we hope everyone will support the Fairmont Athletic Boosters in this decision.  It was made out of necessity and will allow us to keep our concessions fairly priced and accessible.  Please see our concession manager at any home sporting event and he will be happy to help you identify a solution that works for your family and explain why the decision was made and/or how it works.

Go Firebirds!