The Fairmont Athletic Boosters were excited to deliver 73 personalized frames with photos and handwritten notes of recognition and congratulations to the members of the Class of 2020 playing a spring sport at the time COVID-19 cut the season short.  Congratulations to all members of the Class of 2020 on your accomplishments and the Boosters wish each the very best as they embark on the next chapter.  This was the year when GRIT meant everything.

The Fairmont Athletic Boosters and Fairmont Athletic Department are pleased to announce the recipients of this year’s Scholar Athlete Major Awards and Scholarships in addition to all of those earning scholar athlete recognition.


Finley-Pugh — Evan Overholser (Video Presentation)

JoAnn Ray — Jenna Eggleston (Video Presentation)

Sherm Bowser — Nevan Snodgrass (Video Presentation)

Nancy Benadum — Madeline Westbeld (Video Presentation)

Bill Yike — Garrett Danielson (Video Presentation)

Bill Yike — Abagail Tharpe (Video Presentation 1 & Video Presentation 2)

Archie Griffin — Fabrice Uwihirwe, Jackie Sherick, Chris Thompson & Katie Thompson

NFHS Award of Excellence — Jacob Feltner & Madison Jones

OHSAA Scholar Athlete — Eric Franklin & Meigan Karolak

Courageous Athlete — Tyler Shaneyfelt & Megan Bingamon


Bradley Derrickson  — Trey Baker & Madison Bartley

Jeffrey Wray — Joel O’Brien

Joey Sharpe — Kaleb Hall & Kierra Thornton

Booster Scholarships – Ellie Bane, Abigail Demetriades, Garrett Danielson, Megan Bingamon, Joel O’Brien, Marcus Gillespie, Jacqueline Sherick, Kaleb Hall, Mitchell Hilty, Abagail Tharpe, Victoria Long, Noah Maas, Brynna Stein, Marisa Hammond, Samantha Hullinger and John Gaeke

Go Firebirds – every student-athlete this academic year, nearly 700 strong, made us proud!